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Red Draconium Gear

Red Thruster GearRed draconium gear because if its natural ability to store and release heat, makes for excellent quick use, advantage gear. Also, because of this heated quality, red draconium gear can also store heat to repair broken gear of all colors.

Red gear is sleek, rounded and has lots of texture for holding and channeling heat.


This Class of gear utilizes the power of heat in order to give the Dragon or rider extra power or defense in battle. It works off stored dragon heat but in a portable sense.

RED FORGING GEAR (Used by rider) – Stored in or near the saddle, this gear stores dragon heat and usually some form of ignitable red draconium, a magnesium-like alloy of red which can fuse, cut or even melt other gear. A great example of this is Pyrrah’s Fire Axe!

RED REPAIR GEAR (Used by rider) – a more benign version of this gear, repair gear is a small putty tool, attached glove and a small store of molten draconium that can be used for temporary patches in a dragon’s gear.


This gear type also stores dragon body heat but is in direct contact with the dragon’s body and therefore vastly more powerful than Forge Class Gear. Versions of this gear class vent off dragon heat for maneuvering bursts or to be directed as damaging heat blows to another dragon.

RED HEAT WAVE GEAR (Used by dragon) – A system of concentric rings around a dragon’s body that like a rail gun, send an amplified shockwave of super-heated air forward to be fired off to stun other dragons, destroy obstacles or set up heat barriers.

RED FIRE BALL GEAR (Used by dragon) – consists of small projectile launchers that fire super-heated glowing draconium pellets to break through gear and obstacles.

RED THRUSTER GEAR – (Used by dragon) Giant turbine pods that can direct stored heat like a rocket blast for bursts of incredible speed, lift, stopping and defense.

RED SIDE VENTING GEAR – (Used by dragon) Smaller versions of thruster gear which line the sides of a dragon and give short bursts of power for precise maneuvering.

RED FIRE GRENADES – (Used by rider) A pack of explosive red draconium dust that when thrown, creates a short lived but nearly impenetrable wall of flame.

RED FIRE SPIKE GEAR – (Used by Dragon) – For certain defensive situations, Fire Spike Gear is a perfect choice. Consisting of a tube-like net of heat collectors that traverse a dragon’s body, each tube is vented in several directions allowing you to fire a burst of heat making the dragon and rider appear like a flaming porcupine. It keeps or literally blows everybody away from you for a few seconds.


This is gear designed to collect heat for strictly racing purposes. Fitting across the body of the dragon, this gear is akin to ceramics or Kevlar and while great under fire, not so powerful under pressure.

RED HEAT ARMOR – (Used by dragon or rider) This gear fits mostly on the head and sides of the dragon. It is a low-impact, high heat resistant body armor that can deflect reasonable blows but can resist heat and add heat storing power to be used with venting and speed gear.

RED SPEED GEAR (Used by dragon) – Is airfoil gear designed to use stored dragon heat and very quickly auto adjust to race maneuvers. Like it’s white aero gear cousin, only more powerful and instantly responsive.

RED MUSCLE BALANCE GEAR (used on the dragon) – This body sensory gear is primarily used to detect where a dragon’s muscles are overheating and where they are colder. When the sensors activate, heated armor pads slide from zap cap to zap cap transferring heat and balancing dragon energy and physiology, helping to maximize both endurance and strength.


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