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Orange Draconium Gear

Dragon Booster: Orange Drag BoxOrange gear is designed for destruction, extreme defensive measures and random acts of vengeance and sabotage.

Orange gear is mostly aerodynamic packages of other devices, dragons and materials.


This gear Class is primarily used by The Prophets to help enslave and control human Riders. This gear can also be used by Dragons to help enslave other Dragons, riders and therefore other Draconium devices and gear.

ORANGE FORCING GEAR (Used by dragon ON THE RIDER)- Only members of The Prophets use this kind of gear which consists of head control harnesses that allow the dragon to best mentally and physically maneuver the rider to the dragon's wishes.

ORANGE HARNESSING GEAR (Used by dragon) – Allows the dragon to fire harness lines over other riders to mind control them, their dragons and their gear!


If you need to make sure that your opponent’s plans are foiled in the most destructive way, than this is the Class of gear for you! This incredibly destructive gear focuses on disrupting, foiling, and stopping your adversary’s plans in his tracks and is even dangerous for you if you’re not far enough away.

ORANGE DRAG-BOX – (fired by dragon or rider) this depth charge of small gear eating dragons can be ejected from dragon back where the box opens and the trailing dragons are attacked. If used too close, you can have your own gear munched on.

ORANGE MAG-BURST GRENADE (fired by dragon or rider) – A highly destructive gear pod which fits at any bone-node, stores unstable orange draconium magnetism and fires off onto another dragon causing a huge spontaneous mag burst to blow gear off itself and other dragons. If your dragon is weak at the time, you'll lose gear yourself too.

ORANGE IMPLOSION GEAR (Used by dragon) – One of the most dangerous pieces of gear on the street; sleek and insidious head-mounted implosion gear fires small charged orange draconium dust filled projectiles into opponent’s gear. The unstable dust gets into the gear’s inner workings causing the gear to fry from within and literally self-destruct.


This gear comes in two distinct configurations. First it is designed to unleash nearly uncontrollable destruction and second, to create massive confusion.

ORANGE MAGLIFYING GEAR (used by dragon) - It is mostly amplification devices that build up tremendously unstable amounts of draconium energy by tuning surrounding orange dragons to the same energy signature. The result is the highly terrifying group mag-burst that can blow all of the attackers down too!

ORANGE CHAFF GEAR (Used by dragon and rider) - Think of this gear as working like the countermeasures on a fighter jet. Consisting of tubes that fire a cloud of orange dust, This gear makes a target dragon and rider temporarily unable to work together or makes their mag-burst ineffective. It has also been known to cause spontaneous riots on the track.

ORANGE DEFLECTION PLATES (used by dragon) Also very dangerous gear because it creates a mag infused chain reaction to attacks. If the attack is huge, this one-use gear is properly deployed can turn an attack into wholesale destruction!

ORANGE MIND POD (used on dragon or rider) – Used to cause panic or to create diversions, this short use gear self-destructs to leave no traces but not before temporarily turning a dragon or rider into a tangled mess of confusion and craziness. It resembles a small probe fired from the wrist or from a dragon-mounted launcher and spreads a fine powder of charged orange draconium over the head of a victim.


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