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Green Draconium Gear

Dragon Booster: Cyrano with Green Ramming GearGreen gear is all about the enhancement and assisting of force. Wrestling, grappling, ramming and towing is what these mighty dragons and gear are used for.

Green gear is bulky, with lots of contact surface and leverage points.


Like the name implies, this gear helps dragon and rider use strength and leverage to master or subdue and opponent. This Class of Gear focuses on attaching, grabbing, and grappling onto other objects, buildings, or even Riders and Dragons!

GREEN TOWING GEAR (Used by dragon) - Towing gear consists of heavy-use lasso ropes and tethers fired from dragon back or from rider and hooked into catch points on the dragon. Mostly situated on the shoulders and hips of the dragon, towing gear helps a dragon and rider pull competitors off the track or helps to pull obstacles onto the track and in the way of others.

GREEN RAMMING GEAR (Used by dragon) - Worn about the head and shoulders of the, this gear is used to go through objects or to 'spring' out to further increase the force of body blows. It often employs a mag-bursted mace ball of sorts to deliver repeated blows in multiple directions.

GREEN TAIL HAMMER (Used by dragon) – A common accessory to Bashing Gear, this heavy hammer-like piece of gear goes on the dragon’s tail and delivers massive amounts of damage.

GREEN MAG COLLECTION GEAR (used by dragon) – This body armor-like gear might slow your dragon down but it’s ability to hold and prevent mag energy “bleed” nearly doubles your dragon’s endurance.

GREEN JACKHAMMER GEAR (Used by Dragon) - These side-mounted pneumatic bashing arms fire off to the left and right of your dragon delivering massive lateral force and blows to nearby opponents. They can also be extended and pivoted forward to join with bashing gear and help crumble front on obstacles to dust.

GREEN CHARGING GEAR (Used by Dragon) – This powerful body armor is all about going through and not around things. Enough said!

GREEN STABILITY GEAR (Used by Dragon) – This gear fires huge tether hooks and counter balances into surrounding structures and the track for short-term traction and balance. It can slow you down but man will you be hard to move off course!


These powerful gear types are designed to trap, hold and stop another dragon and rider in their tracks. Some of them use inordinate amounts of energy that directly proportional to the effects of their use.

GREEN SUBDUE GEAR (Used by rider) – These boomerang like dragon hobbles are fired at the feet of other dragons, locking them down and causing a crash. The gear then mags back to you to use again.

GREEN TRAPPING GEAR (Used by rider) Fire this gear at your opponent and set up a tethered barrier that can’t be broken. Great for hand to hand street fights too.

GREEN ANTI-MAG GRENADE (Used by rider) – The strength of green draconium allows you to use a cloud of it to set up a barrier of dust that can temporarily disperse a mag burst. Very effective when trying to bring down an angry dragon.

GREEN MAG CANNON (Used by dragon) – The most offensive and powerful weapon in the green draconium arsenal, this head mounted draconium energy gun uses enormous amounts of energy but delivers a mag pulse akin to a particle weapon!

GREEN ANCHOR GEAR (used against dragon) - Some dragons are far too powerful or big to be brought down by simple subdue or trapping gear and when that happens, this is the gear to use. Like the harpoons and buoys that bring down sharks and whales, these spiked mag lines fire into another dragon’s gear and release claws into the ground or nearby structures, slowly dragging the beast to a stop.


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