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Gray Draconium Gear

Dragon Booster: Gray Assist GearGray draconium has the wondrous ability to match with and add to any other draconium color, often turning to that color when powered up before 'relaxing' back into the gray state.

Gray gear is small and bio-mechanical in appearance and is used to add power to other gear.

GRAY POWER ASSIST-CLASS GEAR (Used by dragon or rider)

This gear basically adds power and control to most any gear by fitting on or near it. Gray draconium is very rare, nearly priceless and outside of the Racing Academy and the Elite Class, secret and mostly illegal.

GRAY TARGETING POD (Used by dragon and rider) – With so much speed and maneuvering precision on the line, targeting pods help you focus and measure distances for sighting jumps or for firing attack gear.

GRAY HOMING POD (Used by rider) – Add this pod to your gear arsenal and any projectiles you fire will home in and chase opponents.

GRAY RANGE POD (used by rider or dragon) – Need more range for your attacks? Slip this dangerous pod onto your gear and increase it’s effective range by at least double!

GRAY POWER ASSIST POD (Used by dragon or rider) – Just as the name says, add this to any gear and watch thee power grow.

GRAY MUDULATION POD (Used on dragon) – This gear modulates the mag wave on your dragon making his energy more efficient and the energy cost of using gear much less draining.

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