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Brown Draconium Gear

Dragon Booster: Brown Entrenching GearPrimary uses for tunneling, construction and demolishing, brown draconium gear runs the gamut from tearing things down and moving through terrain to holding ground.

Brown gear is thick and sharp with lots of projections.


This class of earthen gear is made to help you go through any obstacle you come across. Originally used for building construction in Dragon City, the gear in this class has very potent battle and competition uses.

BROWN BASHING GEAR (Used by dragon and rider) - Like a series of clubs, axes and battering rams coming off your dragon and you from any angle. Bashing gear turns just about any surface into a weapon and is extra draconium-energy absorbing when used to attack AFTER attacked.

BROWN EXCAVATION GEAR (used by dragon) – The Earth Class dragon is already an excellent digger and cutter but this gear makes it all the more powerful. This gear lowers from the head and shoulder of the dragon and provides very dangerous serrated edges that can rip through just about any obstacle!

BROWN PILEDRIVER GEAR (Used by Dragon) – Just as the name implies, this gear slides into position near the legs of your dragon and when activated pound down with such force that the very ground is shaken, sending adversaries tumbling and obstacles crumbling. It can also be used to launch these very heavy brown earth class dragons several feet skyward for certain maneuvers.


Often, it’s best to keep your feet firmly on the ground and this gear is all about contact, leverage and digging in for battle.

BROWN ENTRENCHING GEAR (Used by dragon) – Think of this gear like the steadying hydraulics on large cranes. This gear is like an extra pair of legs, only legs with huge claws that add mounds of extra stability when holding ground to grapple or push.

BROWN ALL TERRAIN GEAR (Used by dragon) - This is gear for the feet of your dragon, mostly called traction claws, this gear allows your dragon to dig into any surface, (depending on gear level) and make sharp maneuvers and climb building sides in race turns.

BROWN PHALANX GEAR (Used by dragons and riders) – Like the locking shield techniques of the ancient Romans, this plated gear flies forward and locks with the gear from other dragons or riders turning you into a moving wall of destruction.


Sometimes its best to stay safe, even if it slows you down. And if you want to stay safe, nothing’s better than gear in the Brown Protection Class. It may be big and bulky, but you definitely aren’t getting hurt anytime soon.

BROWN BATTLE ARMOR (Used by dragon and rider)- Located anywhere on the body of dragon and rider, what this plated gear removes in speed it makes up for in ability to dish out and withstand blows. It is energy absorbing so your brown armor when used on the appropriate dragon type can help you absorb energy from attackers.

BROWN GUARDIAN GEAR (used by dragon) - Special gear that molds to fit over any gear on your Dragon. While it’s covering your gear, you can’t use it but it’s not going to get damaged or destroyed either!


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